0x is the QNS domain name I registered many years ago. Two-letter domain names are quite rare. Today, on a whim, I set up a simple web3 under /0x. The web page is divided into 100 rows both horizontally and vertically. X represents the left-to-right position, and Y represents the top-to-bottom layer, ranging from 0 to 99. In total, there are 10,000 units available for sale. Currently, I am only offering them for sale from [1:1] to [98:98] at 10,000 Timah per unit, working hard to provide value-added services for Timah.

0x 是我多年前注冊到的 QNS,兩個字母的域名很難得,今天心血來潮在 /0x 下搞個簡單 web3,網頁屏幕上下左右各分成 100 行,X 是左到右的排位,Y是由上到下的層次,0 到 99,總共 10000 個 units 可以賣,目前只公開賣 [1:1] 到 [98:98], 10,000Timah/Unit, 發奮為 Timah 做增值服務。

Qora web3 localhost : htttp://

Qora full node gateway : http://qora.co.uk/0x