I have already mapped the /i World map with Qora's native QNS-style NFTs, which can be purchased and resold in the QNS market within the Qora blockchain software. Since Qora is still a relatively less popular blockchain (but very powerful, try it!), I had to put in some hard work. I created 800 NFTs, each link to a /i World map, with the ability to edit the link content via QNS ownership, on OpenSea.
My approach was quite simple. I used the custody service provided by my company, AITWAY, to temporarily assist OpenSea users manage Qora's QNS until they set up their own Qora accounts before taking over the link content modification work.
The 800 NFTs cover various categories, including countries, islands, cities, town and more. The vast blue ocean is left empty without any links. My puzzle concept is to calculate the position on any square screen slowly, using GPS [X: Y]. Starting from the top left corner, the minimum unit horizontally for X is 0.1%, and vertically down for Y is 0.4%. GPS [0.1%: 0.4%] represents the top left corner, while GPS [100%: 100%] is the bottom right corner. If you want to cover a horizontal line with several units, Y remains constant. GPS [1%: 0.4%] to GPS [2%: 0.4%] is 10 units, and so on. One unit is exchanged for 1M Timah. There are two examples for reference, one for the Caribbean Sea and one for the South China Sea.

< a href="https : // yawti.com" title="https : // yawti.com">< /a >
Link type : External link
Can be any website in the world, include IPFS and Sia Skynet.
Max "title" content : 25 characters.

HTML code : < a href="/0x" title="/0x Unit[X:Y] for sale!">< /a >
Link Type : QNS Link ( yes, it is internal link, but better call it QNS link.)
The QNS (Qora Naming Service) name "/0x," like an ICANN .com or .org domain name, can be used for the entire Qora universe. It can be applied to all localhost (, any IP address, and any domain name with the Qora gateway service, http: // /0x or http: // qora.co.uk/0x , exactly like the function of a subfolder on the ICANN website.

Advantages of using QNS: You can resell it via the Qora QNS DEX market, just like an NFT.

The content of the QNS /i World map is still controlled by its owner, and he/she has the right to remove improper links.
1unit = GPS[0.1% : 0.4%]
1M Timah or TIM/ or YAWTI per Unit (about $1 only)