The /i is a QNS, Qora Name Service domain name.
just /i only, the webpage is /i World map. or
http://[ip address or Qora gateway]/i

Everyone can have a Qora localhost, everyone can host a Qora gateway. Both localhost and gateway are full nodes of the Qora blockchain. The more people who maintain a full node, the more decentralized the network becomes. This aligns with the principles of web3.

Like other webpage services, QNS can also have subdomain names. /i/a , i/b, to i/z, and /i/0 to /i/9, all these subdomains group together to create an index service by me (Okchai), you can easily find it at the bottom of most web3 pages created by me.

To add a line or edit it, the minimum cost is 50,000 TIM. You can pay more for higher rankings, and the editing cost will be added to the original amount.

Welcome to The Index!