The purpose of the Faucet is to facilitate YAWTI - Timah - Symbol Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757 - AITWAY's The Reward Points users in converting blockchain platforms.
活水的用途,是要方便持有 YAWTI - Timah - TIM - Symbol Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757, - AITWAY's The Reward Points 的用戶轉換區塊鏈平台。
My faucet accounts 我的活水戶口:
Qora : QbeJZfWtqfAs7fBApG6V2UNbEYBzCULAkf 3Qora
原創優質內容提供者,不必持有任何 Tokens 也可領取 3Qora faucet。
Original high-quality content providers can claim the faucet(Qora only) without the need to hold any tokens.

Ardor : ARDOR-VF5C-M3FK-A3UB-4FUFG 1 Ignis

I use this NXT account for PoS forging, and all forging rewards go to the faucet.
這個 NXT 戶口我用作 PoS “挖礦”,全部挖礦所得歸活水。


Beam (0.2Beam) : To donate Beam to the Faucet, you must first contact okchai. 要捐獻 Beam 給 Faucet 必須先聯絡 okchai 。

"If you hold 10,000 YAWTI,TIM,Timah,Symbol Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757 or AITWAY's The Reward Points , and your blockchain account has 0 that can't be used, you can email to claim the faucet, only for those who meet the criteria.
持有 10,000 以上 YAWTI,TIM,Timah,Symbol Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757 或 AITWAY's The Reward Points ,
如果區塊鏈戶口是 0 沒有 gas 無法動用以上 tokens ,可以電郵 領取活水,只給符合條件者。